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What is the registration process of VAT number in UK?

November 18, 2020

The registration of VAT number in UK is the simplest among European countries. The seller only needs to prepare the required information for registration and submit it to J & P’s tax experts. If the information is complete, the VAT number can be obtained as soon as one day.

After registering the UK VAT number, do you want to rent it to others?

First of all, the rent of VAT number itself is suspected of violation of the law, and each VAT number is unique. The seller should apply for his own real and valid VAT number. If a VAT tax number is bound to multiple accounts, it will cause account Association. Amazon will think that these accounts belong to the same operator or the same enterprise, and there will be joint risks for multiple accounts; if serious, the registration information registrant of VAT tax number will face the legal liability investigation of the British tax Bureau. So it must not be done.

If you don’t want the VAT number, you must contact J & P’s tax experts for cancellation; otherwise, if the VAT tax number is not used for a long time, it will be cancelled by HMRC, which will affect the VAT application of the original holder of the VAT number in the future. Secondly, once the VAT tax number is bound to the platform store, the tax will be generated every month. If the VAT is not paid and not declared, it will generate a huge fine.

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