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FBA warehouse delivery process

September 22, 2020

According to the different operators, FBA logistics can be divided into two categories. The first category is the first route transportation, which needs to be solved by the seller; the second category is completed by Amazon official, including the warehousing, sorting, packaging and delivery of products.

Step 1: FBA head stage.

  1. Find the corresponding FBA head logistics service provider and establish a cooperative relationship. The contents involved include customs clearance, delivery, etc.; 2. Convert inventory to Amazon distribution on the seller’s platform to create your first delivery. 3. Set the number of goods to be delivered and prepare for distribution; 4. Count all the products to be sent, and paste the SKU labels of the products one by one; 5. Pack all the products in a unified way, and paste the outer box label on the boxes. 6. After finishing the above process, the products will be sent to the local warehouse by FBA. All products must be packaged according to Amazon’s packaging requirements. If the packaging requirements are not in conformity, FBA will reject them.

Step 2: choose the Amazon logistics + plan that suits you. FBA logistics can be divided into standard parts and light and small commodity parts according to the volume of products. Standard parts: suitable for products with size not exceeding 144 inches × 96 inches × 96 inches or weighing less than 150 pounds. Light and small goods: This is FBA’s more conscientious delivery method. Small commodity distribution is open to all Amazon buyers. No matter whether the buyer is a prime member or not, they can provide free distribution service. The scope of delivery covers all parts of the United States. As long as the goods are light and small and less than $15, the plan can be used for delivery. The delivery time is usually 4-8 working days. The most important thing is that it can help the seller to save the cost, so as to reduce the price of the product and give the profit to the buyer. Of course, such a good service is conditional, requiring that the product weight is less than or equal to 1 pound, the size is less than or equal to 16x9x4 inches, and the price is less than $15. Only when the three requirements are met at the same time can we light up the small commodity plan.

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