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The development of UPS

September 22, 2020

UPS has a history of 112 years and was founded in Seattle, Washington, USA. At the beginning, the situation of UPS was similar to some domestic express enterprises, and the scale was not large. UPS founders Jim Casey and Claude Ryan started their own business on bicycles in a small city after borrowing $100. But UPS is the first express delivery company in the United States. At that time, vehicles were the main means of transportation, and UPS was also used for delivery in the earliest days.

In the past 110 years, UPS has experienced a lot of setbacks in its development. Economic crisis is an unavoidable phenomenon in the economic operation cycle. Especially in the context of globalization, the cycle of economic crisis is becoming shorter and shorter. Moreover, after an economic crisis occurs, its storm often attacks the whole world, which is hard to avoid. This is even more obvious for UPS, which operates in more than 200 countries around the world. When the economic crisis occurs, the network affected should be all over the world. However, in the face of many previous crises, UPS has successfully overcome them. Ups from the initial package delivery, gradually expand the scope of product services, has become the global leading overall supply chain provider.

We are very proud of what we have achieved in the past. There are three key factors that make UPS successful today: the first is corporate culture, the second is corporate execution, and the third is constant change.

The development of UPS can be described by “winning in change”. In fact, there are four at the heart of change. The first is how to attract and cultivate a team with skillful business and diversified business. At UPS, we all share the same values and strive for the common goals of the company. The second is to provide high value-added services, and we strive to become a solution leader. The third relates to our corporate culture, which is customer-centered, constantly focusing on customer needs, and providing customers with predictable and distinctive solutions. Fourth, we should promote and pursue excellence and innovation all over the world to accelerate our reform process.

It technology plays an important role in the development of express enterprises, UPS has always attached importance to the investment in IT technology. UPS’s query network has covered 104 countries, and it can receive 1.85 million online queries every working day to inquire about the location of packages, thus improving the ability of supply chain management.

In May 2001, UPS announced its cooperation with Alibaba, a famous e-commerce enterprise in China, and formally formed a strategic alliance with Alibaba’s online wholesale e-commerce platform “Global Express”. Ups will be the preferred logistics supplier for the “Global Express” platform. Buyers and sellers of global express can enjoy the key benefits of online freight management and online tracking, including printing UPS shipping labels and requiring ups to pick up items at home. The benefits are obvious and can greatly improve the customer experience. China’s e-commerce development is very fast, which also brings more development space for express delivery.

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