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DHL subsidiary will launch a new algorithm to optimize logistics delivery routes, saving cost by nearly 20%

September 22, 2020

Greenplan, a start-up funded by DHL, recently announced that it will introduce a new algorithm to optimize logistics delivery routes, which can save nearly 20% of the cost for enterprises. DHL said that the algorithm gives full play to the potential of intelligent routing, and will use all the information and data to optimize the transportation route in the whole delivery area, while the existing routing scheme will be responsible for handling the delivery route planning in different regions.

DHL points out that greenplan’s algorithm can not only accurately navigate the target address, but also determine the delivery time window. According to reports, greenplan helps customers reduce carbon emissions by shortening the transportation distance and reducing the frequency of driving. By planning a reasonable route, carbon emissions can be effectively predicted; by evaluating the carbon emissions of each vehicle, the most emission reduction route can be planned. The new algorithm can also take into account the specific parameters of electric vehicles, such as the maximum mileage of each vehicle.

DHL also announced recently that it will invest 12 million euro to build a new processing center at Riga airport in Latvian, which will become one of the most advanced express freight handling centers and logistics centers in the Baltic Sea. It is reported that the new processing center covers 4500 square meters and will be equipped with advanced sorting facilities to improve the efficiency of freight handling. In addition, DHL will invest 70 million euro to build a new processing center at Munich Airport to expand its business processing capacity in Germany.

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