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How to operate Amazon FBA logistics to avoid rejection?

September 22, 2020

The seller’s friends all know that if they rush to send the products to the local warehouse without complying with the requirements of the FBA, they may be rejected. The seller needs to repack and pack the goods again, which will delay time and waste money. Under what circumstances will the seller’s product be rejected?

  1. Improper packing of containers will result in rejection. For example, if the goods are packed in bulk and are too full to unload; if the goods collapse due to improper loading, they will be rejected. If the packing distance is 13cm, the distance between the two sides of the container should be 1-5 cm; if the packing distance is 1-5 cm, the distance between the two sides of the container should be 1-5 cm; if the packing distance is 1-5 cm, the distance should be 1-5 cm.
  2. Pallet falling off causes rejection. Reasons for rejection: 1. The upper cargo falls off from the pallet; 2. The lower winding film entangles the pallet; and it is not convenient for forklift operation.
  3. Improper binding and filling materials will be rejected. Reasons for rejection: not available for PET packing belt (plastic strapping); related suggestions: sellers can use bubble film packaging, full paper (heavier kraft paper best), inflatable inflatable pad, polyethylene foam board and other materials for packaging or filling. It can not be used: various types of packaging foam plastics, including foam plastics / foam strips made from biodegradable materials or corn starch, folds paper packaging, shredded paper / polyester foam debris, foam adhesive, binding belts, iron nails or aluminum nails to fix boxes.
  4. Rejection due to failure to label as required. The reasons for rejection include that the label is inconsistent with the physical object, for example, the label is gray, but the product is indeed white.
  5. If the size exceeds the standard, it is not rejected. The products with the size of any side of the carton exceeding 63.5cm and without pallet will be rejected. FBA requirements: the size of any side of the carton shall not exceed 63.5cm, unless the size of the product sold in a single piece is more than 63.5cm; if the size of any side of the carton exceeds 63.5cm, the carton shall be placed on a 1m * 1.25m pallet, unless the size of the carton for single product sales exceeds the size of the standard pallet.
  6. If the product label / box label / pallet label is not pasted or pasted wrongly, it will be rejected. FBA requirements: 1. Product label: fnsku asin level label, pasted on the product package of the smallest sales unit. 2. Carton label: the label of the carton is attached to the top of the carton. 3. Pallet label: a label attached to a pallet on all sides. 4. Team lift label for multi person handling: US > 22.5kg, Europe > 15kg, Japan > 15kg; 5. Mechanical handling mech lift label: US > 45kg, Europe > 30kg.

Although the FBA rejection rules are somewhat cumbersome, the most important thing for the seller is the product label. As long as the product label and the outer box label are OK, the rest can be handed over to the overseas warehouse service provider or other first-time service provider to solve the problem.

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