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What services does goopay have?

September 22, 2020

Goopay provides targeted data analysis services according to the business sector and type, so that you can better understand the overall transaction situation. Through data analysis, you can see the value more clearly.

  1. Online payment gateway. Through goopay’s secure payment gateway, you can accept fast online bank card payment.
  2. Online payment method. If you are considering accepting bank card payments, goopay can help you open an online merchant account. Simplify online payment and create a fast and safe settlement experience for your customers.
  3. Fraud and risk management. Goopay’s experience and background in bankcard acceptance and alternative payment methods can help you make better decisions. We offer a range of fraud and risk management solutions that can help your business generate more profits by increasing the proportion of good deals.
  4. Data and analysis. Goopay monitors the performance of all aspects of the payment life cycle, understands the key drivers of success, interprets available data and explores its implied value, compares performance benchmarks with relevant peer companies, interprets the results and develops strategies to optimize the global payment network.
  5. Financial services. Goopay attracts global customers by enabling customers to pay in their preferred currency. When using goopay’s network to pay suppliers or customers, you can avoid excessive cross-border transaction fees and easily manage your currency and cross-border remittance.
  6. Optimize service. Goopay pays the lowest transaction cost, provides consulting support, maximizes transaction acceptance rate, improves consumer experience and brings excellent competitive advantage.

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