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What is Alipay international payment and how to use Alipay international payment?

September 22, 2020

The international version of Alipay is the online security payment solution created by Alibaba international station and Alipay jointly for the international trade buyers and sellers. Alipay guarantees sellers to achieve delivery to the buyer. When the buyer pays the payment to Alipay, the seller needs to deliver the goods, so as to fully protect the seller’s transaction safety. The international Alipay will convert the US dollar into RMB in the seller’s domestic Alipay or bank account according to the exchange rate at which the buyer pays the day’s exchange rate. International Alipay has some unsupported transactions, such as Taobao’s virtual goods in Taobao transactions; the transaction amount is less than 1 yuan; The transaction amount of some external merchants is less than 1 yuan; payment on behalf of the transaction; consolidated payment transaction; virtual goods.

New international payment is being paid, but how does international Alipay pay?

  1. After entering the international cash register, users can freely switch versions by selecting (mainland version, Hong Kong Version, Taiwan version and other overseas regions version) in the upper left corner; 2. Select international credit card, enter the card number, and click next; 3. Enter the payment information input page, fill in the relevant information, and click confirm payment; 4. If the cardholder has applied for the 3D verification service of the issuing bank, and the issuing bank needs to verify the user’s 3D service password, it needs to input the 3D verification code. Otherwise, skip this step and display the payment result directly.

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