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What are the common international payment interfaces?

September 22, 2020

PayPal: we are all familiar with this. Basically, when you first cash in, you will be blocked. But don’t be afraid. Many people fear that PayPal often freezes the accounts of Chinese people. For my experience, I hope that the time of the first freezing will come earlier. According to the usage of the top 10 accounts, after the first freezing, you will submit the materials and then unfreeze The chance of reasonable operation being frozen is very small. To use PayPal, there must be a set of mature solutions. What I want to say is that PayPal is not as terrible and troublesome as many people say.

NPs: Overall, their collection is OK. At present, three bills have been maliciously refused to pay. Using credit cards is a necessary risk, so there should be a part of the bad debt budget. The important thing is that we should do our own risk control. Their deficiency is that they only have the channel of MSA card and can’t realize the function of partial refund, which is a headache because it often appears They don’t have this function at present, so the order processing time will be delayed. Note: they need to charge 10% of the deposit for each transaction

Shouxinyi: the annual fee plus account opening fee is about 6000. They can show your website name on the bill when customers swipe their cards, so that customers can understand that consumption and NPs are not our website, but their company’s website, which can support part of the refund function and support visa and master.

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