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Three minutes allows you to read the difference between international Alipay and Paypal

September 22, 2020

PayPal may be clear about doing foreign trade business, but for international Alipay, maybe some are not very well understood, but we all know more about that, that is, the international Alipay is almost the same as PayPal, but how to operate and fee, maybe some confusion.

International Alipay (Escrow) is a third party payment guarantee service jointly developed by Alibaba and Alipay.

Similar to PP: 1. 2. Both are applicable to express products. 3. It is suitable for small amount transaction. 4. They support multi currency and are suitable for foreign trade collection.

Different from PayPal: 1. the international Alipay collection process is: confirm order – buyer payment – seller shipping – buyer receiving – seller receiving. PayPal collection process is: order confirmation – buyer payment – seller Collection – seller delivery – buyer receiving. Both of the two payment methods are protecting the transaction security of the buyer and the seller in the international online transaction, but the process is different. 2. The service charge of PayPal is 3.9% + 0.3usd. International Alipay is a vendor’s charge of 3% (China supplier member) or 5% (ordinary member). 3. If PayPal is used for the first time, you need to register for free. While international Alipay has applied for international functions in its Alipay account.

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