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Top 10 online payment platforms in the world

September 22, 2020
  1. PayPal PayPal is an online payment service first launched in 1998. PayPal operates in more than 200 countries around the world, supports 26 currencies and allows users to check out on the website. PayPal processes payments through a browser, app or reader and provides credit services to customers.

2、Due。 Due provides end-to-end online payment services for freelancers, small business owners and companies, including the entire settlement and payment process. Due offers online invoice options for time tracking, project management and customization, as well as global coverage. Invoice and payment processing functions include more than 100 languages, currency, tax system and international credit card processing.

3、Stripe。 Stripe is a customized online payment solution service. Stripe is designed for developers who can modify the company’s application programming interfaces to create products that suit their needs. Stripe allows you to accept credit, debit and bitcoin payments from more than 130 different currencies.

4、Flagship Merchant Services。 Flagship merchant services is a leader in online credit card processing. If a user’s website needs a lot of credit card transactions, then flagship merchant services can be said to be the best choice for users. As an integrated credit processor, flagship merchant services provides enterprises with flexible and low price services every month instead of signing long-term contracts.

5、Payline。 Payline is one of the most popular payment processing services. Payline is a complete credit card processing solution that allows users to accept payments anytime, anywhere, regardless of whether they are in the store.

6、Square。 Square allows users to accept payments no matter where they are, and its MAG trip reader, contactless + chip reader and bracket transform the user’s mobile device into a unique payment processor. Square also offers customized services, which means it has a wider range of business solutions, covering restaurants, beauty professionals, transportation companies, professional services.

7、Adyen。 Founded in 2006, adyen is a global multi-channel payment company headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company allows users to receive and transfer funds online, on mobile devices or in person. Adyen online payment platform is connected with about 250 payment methods in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, so it is one of the leading processors in global business.

8、BitPay。 Founded in 2011, bitpay is one of the world’s largest providers of bitcoin payments. The company is responsible for more than $1 million of transactions a day. Bitpay gives users the opportunity to convert bitcoin payments into nine currencies in 38 countries. The company also works with paypal and merchant purchasers such as global payments and alternet systems.

9、 GoCardless。 Godless is an online payment provider based in the UK. Users using gocardless can not only accept payments through simple settings, but also automatically pay, track payment status, and integrate services into their website using rest APIs.

10、Cayan。 Originally known as merchant warehouse, cayan was renamed its current name in 2015. Cayan focuses on online payment and point of sale purchase, and provides developers with NFC technology, near-field communication, chip technology and flexible application programming interface.

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